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Chatting to @maisonhefner:


People like Sonny for example have a huge following in their city and kids want to be like them. Some want to share this lifestyle and I offer the opportunity for people to not only share his (Sonny’s) or certain other peoples lifestyle, but also my own.

They (clients) have an opportunity to become a part of who I hang out with and what I do whether it is, painting, partying, tattooing, girls, whatever.

Thats what I do and what I stand for.


Instagram is the most crucial tool for tattooing, especially when you work in a private studio; there is no possibility of walk ins. It lets other people know that you are out there and travelling to other cities, they become aware of you and you connect with other tattooists from all over the world.

It is basically the key


After my second tattoo I had my own equipment, my own machine, my own supplies and I watched YouTube tutorials. I had the advice of my friends who were also tattooing. My friends taught me everything about hygiene and set up which I did not know before.

It was like a 2 or 3 day apprenticeship. You do not need to be somewhere for six months to learn about hygiene, its logical, its not rocket science.

From there its learning by doing.



When I get to 999,999 followers. Once I get 1 million I will delete Instagram.
My life goal is achieved.
(*good old chuckle*)
No but circumstances change everyday, I could deactivate Instagram tomorrow. I could die tomorrow.


I do not know how long I would like to be doing this for. I think it is nice some times to stop something when it is at its best and let the people who have the tattoos have this exclusive thing.

This permanent thing of tattooing has an end. You Know?

All Images and Video footage* created by Locke

*(except the stuff I stole from Akira [1988])

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