The photographer documenting European skate culture


Skater and photographer Sam Partaix unveils hundreds of photos and some printed decks in a retrospective of his work at by Walski concept store.

The worlds of skateboarding and photography are no strangers to one another. The inviting ledges, abandoned banks and sleek rails of suburbia have been christened with thousands of dollars worth of lens glass and acrylic since man first picked up a board. However, the ability to truly explore the depths of both is a rare gift that few possess. Sam Partaix is one of these few.

Sam opened his own skate shop Skate Pistols with his mum in his hometown of Tours, France in 2004 when he was just 17, then went pro for Antiz in 2009. Initially getting into photography to help document his travels and mobile lifestyle for his friends, Sam has refined his craft and created some truly beautiful images that now hang in galleries and adorn skateboard decks.

In his new exhibition Lust For Life at the by Walski concept store, Partaix gives audiences a glimpse into his international quest for destruction as he finds new spots and shreds them with fellow pro skaters.





Lust For Life by Sam Partaix kicks off at 6:30pm on Tuesday the 18th of October at the by Walski concept store in Shoreditch, London.

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